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Review by Michael:
Just finished reading your book, Women Who Think Too Much.

Structurally, I found the book spot on. That’s a compliment to both your writing and your editors. The reading flowed very smoothly.

Content-wise, it was incredibly poignant.

It was heart wrenching to think you went through all that, and to think so many others live like that. I truly was not aware of the intricacies of what goes on behind closed doors in those types of relationships.

I confess that I know of no woman in my circle of friends who lives in those conditions today. I’m not sure if that’s a credit to my choice in friends or the strength and kindness of the people I know.

However, a long time ago (my senior year in high school), I dated a young lady fresh out of a bad relationship that, I can only guess (through rumors at the time), was a lot like what she described.

We dated for almost a year when she abruptly broke it off. After repeatedly asking her why, she reluctantly told me she was going back to her previous boyfriend. From what I knew of her old relationship with this guy, I knew it was very abusive.

I chanced upon her several months after our breakup. When I approached her, she was trying to conceal her black eye behind dark sunglasses. But she assured me she was doing fine.

Years later we met again. She had finally called it quits with him, but not before having two of his children.

So, in an indirect and very personal way, I was exposed to codependency and its abuse.

It truly breaks my heart to hear of situations like this, what you write about. It’s horrific. But I know there are men out there who behave like that. And the cost to women (and the children) is incalculable.

I will never understand how we humans can be so cruel to one another.

You have done a great job with this book. It’s a needed eye-opener, I guess not only just for women, but certainly (and especially) for us men as well.

Jeanne Marie —

You are an incredibly strong woman. I know the past was difficult, hard, unbearable and about twenty other adjectives, but that’s your past now. You’re in a much better place today.

Thank you for opening my eyes to this subject. And for inviting me into your life, if just from a spectator’s seat.

Ex Animo

Review From Anonymous Survivor: Jeanne, just finished your book. Wow. I lived that life for too many years. I’m still processing what it felt like to go back in time with the words you wrote. I have tried to track my tormentor/ex-husband for all these years and never found him. I have always  looked over my shoulder, afraid he would find me first. About a month ago I found his obituary. I never thought I could be relieved by a person’s death. I was, and am. I hope your book acts as a reality check and motivator for women in the thick of codependency. I think this is a much needed book. Should be in every women’s shelter across the country.
Thank you!

Review By S K Nicholls:
This month is National Domestic Violence Awareness month and I am reading a few books this month that focus on this troubling issue in different ways.  Today I am giving a book review on one of these.
Jeanne Marie taunts her book as “A No Help At All Handbook” and it is with this degree of sarcasm that she presents her case.  Domestic violence is a very serious issue affecting more people in America than the statistics can begin to show.  Jeanne Marie does an excellent job aiding women to identify themselves as being in a dysfunctional relationship and what to do (or not to do) about it with her “Twelve Slips”, a spoof off of the Twelve Steps programs.  While the small book with big ideas uses a rather comical approach to getting women to loosen up and look seriously at their own behaviors, as well as the behaviors of others, the highly qualified author also emphasizes the importance of recognizing where you may be going wrong and where you can go right.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who even suspects that they might be in a dysfunctional relationship. Even if you are not, you will be entertained, and maybe learn something you can use to help another individual less fortunate.  It is both moving and inspirational.  It is a brief book, an easy read, and quite affordable as it is FREE right now at smashwords.  Download and read a copy today.  This is easily a five star book. I’ll make it real simple for you: Click right here:
S K Nicholls

Review by Ishaiya
Wonderful! Downloaded. Thank you,  Jeanne-Marie. I love your writing style, it’s beautifully poetic, thought inspiring and moving. You have a wonderful sense of humor too! :) I shall be sure to spread the word. Have a great week!

Review By Eleanor:
This book throws a funny bone at the heart of dysfunctional relationships and hits you right between the eyes.
Dark humor drives this soul-bearing and sobering narrative, but Jeanne Marie lets it fly without losing the gravity of her subject. Beneath the often laugh-out-loud comedy, Marie’s honesty and vulnerability entice you to notice jarringly familiar experiences that exist in your own life. Her words echo unforgettably, resonating into your everyday life, making it impossible to ignore the empowering mirror she has created for anyone who has ever been… is currently… or wants to be… in a relationship.
It amazes me that such a short and fun book is powerful enough to change your life. A must-read for everyone, particularly women and teens!!/read/blog/id/49671117/

Review By Maggie Thom:
“Wow. I don’t know where to even start with this but I can tell you that although it is a tough read, it is a must. Women Who Think Too Much is raw and will punch you in the solar plexus. When I started reading it, no I hadn’t read the blurb about it, I thought it was going to talk about how women are so hard on themselves. Which it did, sort of but it’s really one woman’s journey through co-dependency and abuse and her wish to wake up other women who might be living this kind of life or headed for it.
Jeanne Marie shares her journey through co-dependency and abuse but she does it in a unique way, she calls it the 12 slip step to co-dependency, where she uses dark humor for a dark subject. I think that if she’d just shared her journey, I would have felt awful for her but I don’t think I’d have looked at my life quite so closely. It’s interesting because she talks a lot about all the ways and things she did to avoid looking at her own life for a long time. I think it is brilliantly written. It’s only about sixty pages but it is by no means a quick read.
Try catching your breath after you’ve read it because you won’t while you’re reading it. It’s the elephant in the room that no one talks about, no one shares. I guarantee this book will wake you up like none other. Or at least it should.”
Maggie Thom’s Books!

Eleanor wrote:
“Those damn rose-colored glasses can create such a shady false light that we don’t even recognize the blindfold covering the eyes on the image staring back at us in the mirror. Your book, Women Who Think Too Much, shines a bright light of humor on serious issues. In all that laughter is the courage to put fear where it belongs. Instead of staying afraid to take off the rose-colored glasses, the impulse to keep them on becomes terrifying. (Your mom’s poem is evidence that her sense of humor was a guiding force to a way out of the dysfunctional cycle.)
I’ve read your book…more than once. Instead of congratulatory gratitude (which you absolutely deserve), Jeanne Marie, I give you a big, brave and hearty HEE HA HA YEEHAH! as I stomp my own pair of rose-colored glasses.”!/read/blog/id/49671117/!/read/blog/id/19456464/ Artist and Publisher of the Wildersoul Colouring Book wrote:
“I like the ‘how not to’ approach, which has a humorous angle, and yet it touches so very deeply.”

Re-blogged on Mm172001′s Blog!/read/blog/id/13831966/
She wrote: “Already downloaded the book and read it! It’s a great read, informative with humor. Highly recommend it and best part it’s only $1.99!
To Jeanne Marie, “I thought it was great. It took a topic that has been traditionally addressed as you are doing this wrong and this and this and you need to do this. The form in which you wrote your book gave most of the same information but in a humorous way that is less authoritarian but still has the insight.”

Review by: Joyce on April 25, 2013 : FIVE STAR
A must-read for women with Borderline Personality Disorder. Many of us have co-dependency issues. Maybe you can recognize yourself in this book and get the help you need. If you have no sense of your own identity, you need to find out who you are. Jeanne Marie helps you become aware, through her humor, what you’re lacking to become your own person, worthy of not needing someone who controls you.

Review by: Richard on Feb. 23, 2013 : FIVE STAR
I had bought this book for my fiancée, but we ended up reading it together. I really enjoyed it, I laughed out loud.. a lot. Winced in pain like when you hit your knee a few times, I mean I am a man and I am guilty of a lot of the same things in this book…like this one “Classic”!
“Why are the lights on in here? Do you want me to shut them off for you?
Why aren’t there any lights on in here? It’s so dark in here.”
All in all, I just wanted to say it was good to see how a man’s behavior can affect a woman, and after reading this book, I think I can try a little harder to be more considerate.

Review by: Dan on Feb. 23, 2013 FIVE STAR
Take your time when you read through this…then read it again.
A fan of cinema verite? Good thing. Hang on. Jeanne Marie compels you to look in to the mirror and ask yourself if you recognize this wounded gender.
This is not simply a woman’s cautionary tale.
Pull your son away from “Call of Duty”, put a porn blocker on his computer and force him to listen to her story.

Review by: Cherie on Feb 22, 2013 : FIVE STAR
A must read for women of all ages…timely and also timeless lessons for women from every walk of will touch you in ways that you never dreamed of and may even (hopefully) alter the course of your life..and’s NEVER too late!

Review by: Jerry on Feb. 21, 2013 : FIVE STAR
This book was excellent. It Really opens your eyes and makes you look at your own relationships. Helped me a lot..

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[gallery type="rectangular" columns="1" ids="6186,6187"] We are so caught up on everything going on in our lives, we tend to leave the most important thing in the dust: Ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves. We have to make ourselves a priority. Putting ourselves first is one of the most selfless…

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Head Banging



Tonight (Friday) I got out of bed to turn out the light and to put my book away. Well, I turned out the light, turned around and about three steps later, I tripped over the box that my Chihuahua, Ms. Kita, uses to get up on the bed. I dang near killed myself. I was air born for about three feet and then BOOM. I hit the wall hard, landed on my shoulder that has a replacement joint, slammed it hard enough to break the wall plate and leave the imprint of said plate on my shoulder. I hurt my arthritic knees and twisted my bad foot. (It really is a bad foot.) I saw stars when my head smacked the wall and I free floated out in space for about ten seconds. I don’t think I fully passed out, but I did see stars. When I could breathe again, I sat up. I’m not sure, but I think angels sat me up and shook me back together because I was shocked when I sat up and realized, I just might be okay. Did I mention that I saw stars? In addition, something strange happened when I hit the wall…I saw my life experiences flash by and I saw the end of this stage of existence for me. I remember thinking, wow; this is what death feels like. I even thought that I was glad that I had almost finished the book, “Proof of Heaven,” A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, by Eben Alexander, M.D. because it had given me strong reinforcement on what I already believed. I heard my husband calling my name as he tried to help me but his voice sounded as if he was miles away. I held my sitting position until the room stopped spinning and then I stood up, slowly. I made it to the couch and he brought me two ice packs, one for my head and one for my shoulder. My shoulder was already bruised and throbbing. Of course, I would fall on that shoulder.

All that happened a few hours ago, so I’m sure I will be okay. I’ll probably get my shoulder and my head x-rayed tomorrow, if it seems like I should. I hate that box. It happened so fast and I tried to keep my balance, but I couldn’t. The accident really made me think about how life can change in a split second. Also triggered memories of my mom falling, breaking her neck and dying a week later.

Saturday. Okay, it’s the morning after. I feel all right, very sore shoulder and a nice pounding headache to go with the nice lavender bruise on my cheekbone. Can you break an ear? Well, if you can, I did.

It could have been so much worse. The fall was bad enough that from today on (Sunday) I am going to accept each day as a bonus from Heaven.

I survived the weekend, painfully and carefully, but when I saw my doctor for a regular appointment today (Tuesday) she sent me to get a CAT scan of my brain and an x-ray of my shoulder. Every medical person who I dealt with today was upset that I wasn’t checked the night I fell. I really don’t understand why I didn’t go get checked out either. I knew I hit hard when I fell and I thought about going to the 24-hour walk-in clinic, but I decided I was too tired and I think the bang to the head disoriented me. Anyway, tests turned out okay, no broken bones or compromised skull, no brain bleeding, just a slight concussion, which I already knew.

However, I was traumatized twice, because when I checked in to Radiology for the CAT scan, I was told I had to pay a $275.00 co-pay to get my head examined. First time this has happened to me, thank you Obama Care. I now officially pay 50% more for 50% less insurance. If the headaches aren’t gone by next Tuesday, I may have to see a neurologist. If the doctor orders an MRI, looks like we’ll be mortgaging the house.

by Jeanne Marie


Another beauty from Michelle Marie

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Art by MichelleMarie


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This is awesome!

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Did I?


Love this poem from Belinda.

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Did I…
A question I frequently ask myself…
Borne of a memory that isn’t up to par as late.

Did I?

Tell you what it is about you
That endears you to me…
Making comment on something
You have said or done…
Re-affirming your worth
In my life.

Did I?

Remind you of a memory
We have made and shared…
Make the time to create
Another memory – right now…
Record that memory somewhere
So I can reach back as needed.

Did I?

Tell you how beautiful or handsome
You are…
Physical appearances can be so deceiving
But we all like to believe we are attractive in some way…
And I know with absolute certainty
Every single individual has some physical attribute to be admired.

Did I?
Did I think it?
Or did I tell you?

I prefer the latter.
I want you to know.

So if I didn’t.

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one butterfly

Her colorful wings were not enough
So she moved to a lone flower
Hoping to attract his soul attention.

He looked upon her as he did all the butterflies.
One was never any more and certainly never less -
Than any other. An epiphany. An awakening.

It wasn’t – that she wasn’t unique.
It wasn’t – that everyone else wasn’t unique.
He merely had the ability to see them all the same – differently.

He had such a capacity for love
That he embraced mankind

She did not stand out.
She did not blend in.
She was -
And that was all she needed to be.

Realization brought peace.
She spread her wings…

Photocredit: bing

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